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Abstract :
-Paolo Manzelli ; www,egocreanet.it ; www.edscuola.it/lre.html
Synestesia betweem music and colours
The critical evidence of brain functoning, developed by the EGOCREANET//ON-NS&A as a producer of thinking processes, convinced us to conclude that science miss a key element now named “Information Energy” from our current understanding. In other words the reduction of mechanical science to the relationship between Energy and Matter, use too much of the Occam’s razor principle. So that traditional science to day is not more able to focuse the fundamental aspects of understanding living growth and life evolution.
Therefore the EGOCREANET // ON-NS&A during the year 2009 , would aproach to new research proposals, on “DNA&MUSIC”, starting to grow up a new scientific paradigm ,as need to bring science and aesthetics in terms of an integrated knowledge, tacking in consideration the relationships among three forms of Energy e.g Energy, Matter and Information , in order to definitely overcome the old “mechanicistic paradigm” in order to develop and to reinterpret Science in terms of BIO-Quantum Physics research. (1)
DNA and music? What is the connection?
A primarily correlation between the coding structure of DNA sequences and music codification was esplored in a great ammount of simulations, made starting from the studies of immunogenetics (2) Also proteins are based on regular sequences of ammino acids, so that it is also possible to realize some similarity among music and the proteic structures. So that DNA and Protein sequences can be transposed and analysed into rhithmic and armonic music (3)
Therefore can be open a new question ?
"The genetic code" can generate artificially of sound's messages that can be coordinated with the
generation of protein's musical messages. Then become possible to think that also in nature the codification in music can be used to process information between DNA and Proteins, in similar way that a series notes produce sounds that we ear like harmonies and rhythms.(4)
But what kind of sound is working in a living cell ?
This new insight into the nature of morphogenesis firsly find a reply by Prof. Peter Garaiev ; he develops a theory to treat the genome as a holographic bio-computer that generates endogenous solitons ( solitary acoustic or electromagnetic waves, respectively of sound and light) to carry 4D epigenetic (alternative coding) information that can be used by biosystem's communication for spatial and temporal self-organization. (5)
Solitons are extraordinary type of waves, generated under non-linear wave propagation, as happen in the sea during a storm, when suddenly emerges an abnormal gigant wave . It is easy to undersand that the propagation of Solitons, in a no-linear regime, can be too much ruled by a probabilistic behaviour to be considered the foundation of DNA-sound, for having a communication used as ordering power and interactive controll, between genes of the DNA and the self- organization of the complex metabolic activities in a living cell.
Recenly the an international Group of Reaseach chaired by Prof Carlo Ventura of the University of Bologna (IT) , recorded the sound of cells, and has noticed that become possible make a correlation of different cell's sounds that allows to identify if the cell is good or ill.(6) Certainly these records confirm that molecular vibrations and health can have a close relationship; but still the recording the various sounds emitted from the cells, cannot make us to understand the specific features of sound emissions, between DNA and proteins to coordinate the various metabolic functions that determine the health or sickness in the cell. The problem of music and neurons in the brain functioning is even more complex; in factsome studies of Synestesia, where cross-overlapping of the function of different areas of the brain, permits to people to ear music and contemporarily seeing the change of colours and sometimes viceversa.(7)
"Researchers translate DNA code into music."
Therefore Brain and Music is extemely complex subject this because the brain is the center of meaning and understanding (8); in any case we know that brain effectively works within Energy ,Matter and Information; so that we immediately try to avoid to search the “hat” while it is on the proper head. For this goal we would overcome the traditional scence models, because till now science will not enable us to understand the functioning of the neurons in the brain n ralation to the emergence of thinking processing in science and and art. In fact mechanical science is too limited, in the first place; a) for the permanence of an arbitrary separation between subject and object of perception; b) secondly by having considered the information only in terms of recognition of passive forms of Energy and/or Matter , and this approximation render us unnable to understand what is the kind of energy that determined the ordering attive power of genetic information that causes in advance the creation of new forms that before did not exist; thirdly c) inadequacy of making a constant reference for all events to a continuum Space/Time context, that normally remain very similar to the structural invariance of the geometry of Euclidean-world, based on three Cartesian coordinates referring to a single temporal dimension of becoming.
Symultaneity of Information by Quantum entanglement
Albert Einstein think as a "spooky" physics the symultaneity of teleportation at distance as a kind of supplementary communication field. So that he do not believe to the primary hypothesis of Shroedinger (1935) that “entangled” phonons or photons, can change the geometry of space-time generating an space surface of “Information Energy” where the lack of depth is determining the physical double dimensions over the time. (10)
Until the hypothesis of Schroedinger, can overlap (i.e to made Q.entanglement) as a consequence of shocks or confinement actions, Q.particles are considered , as single wave-particles moving independently, e.g. whithout any transformation capacity. When Q.particles are entangled, happen a Quantum transformation of space-time. As a matter of facts we know that the relationships between Space an Time are not invariant, this because the relationships between space and time change as a result of the interaction that allow to reacting system to become transformed. So , for example, every two hydrogen atoms (gas) and a atom of oxygen (gas), reacting together, form molecules of liquid water, that has different space-time dimensions in relation to the new moleculat properties . Sinmilarly with Q.entaglement ,every two Q.particles, through an “in phase” overlaping of the waves associated to the particles, cancel for destructive interference their third dimension. Therefore this wave-conversion produces through the Q.entanglement a deep change in the relation between space-time, that correspond to built up a new flat structure, self organized in two dimensions of space plus two dimensions of time i.e. a “bit of space” and “a bit of time” , coordinates generating the new hidden type of “Information Energy” (EI). (11)
It is important to think that the double dimension of time is nothing that we cannot understand , this because there are two distinct way to look to the time : a) one of them (traditional Clock time) is a linear traveling regular sequency of instants, where simltaneity of information cannot exists, this becasue information can only be transferred from a point to another point of 3D space, b) and the second ,(Biological Time) is also known by accepting that time has a proper duration, so that in the dynanics of an event, simultanneity means that the information remain constant during the two timing boundaries. For example, the time of heartbeat has developed cyclically, so that “tick” sound is followed “tock,” and the two signals tick-tock , corresponds to a bidimensional segment of time (t1-t2), that develop together within an oscillating biological behaviour. (It is interesting to note that in few cases when the linear regularity of heartbeat is often symptoms of illness.)
Following this discussion we can start to better understand the relationship between DNA and Music. Indeed, the DNA not only acts to transfer information through the genetic chain DNA-RNA-Protein thzat works in sequency in a linear time, but DNA also acts as a transmitter-receiver antenna, that symultaneously, communicate at a distance the oscillating “Information Energy” to ordering and to control the dynamics of metabolic transformation in a living system. (12),(13).
The evidence of emission of photons and phonons by the DNA has been sufficiently proved to be true by numerous specific studies, (14) but also in this case the high scattering of quantum particles, during the transfer of information, cannot be a precise mode as need for an effective at distance ordering power of the complex metabolic bio-chemical reactions in living systems. Viceversa through the quantum-entanglement and the transformation in Information Energy , because “EI “ is communicable ad distance without any interference, the ordeding at distance power can become undestandable, and this make it possible to build interactive phenomena of resonance, that allow us to begin to understand the hidden basis of life as a sounding mode.
Music Used to Analyze Gene Expression
Finally the last question is :
From where is the inspiration drawn to create a new work of music?
Our reseach would reply to the last question , starting from the recent research on DNA & MUSIC listed in this rationale the ON-NS&A (www.egocreanet.it), developing an transdisciplinary research implementing the knowledge about the other question what kind of sound is working in a living cell ? Therefore the ON-NS& A group begin to seek for partners, both in science and art, who wish to develop and deepen the above this important theme . See Program EU_IDEE.(15)
Applications should be sent to : Paolo Manzelli
(1)– P.Manzelli, Quantum-Bio-Physics : http://www.wbabin.net
(2)- S. Ohno and M. Ohno: http://www.nslij-genetics.org/dnacorr/l-imm86-oo.html
(3)- Protein's Music: http://whozoo.org/mac/Music/Primer/Primer_index.htm
(4) -Sonification of Life Music &Art : http://www.nslij-genetics.org/dnamusic/
(5)- Peter Gariaev, DNA-wave Biocomputer: http://www.emergentmind.org/gariaev06.htm
(6)- http://yogaesalute.blogspot.com/2008/07/cellule-che-suonano.html ; http://cristinakhayblog.splinder.com/tag/carlo+ventura
(7)Synestesia and music : http://www.thereminvox.com/article/articleview/33/2/5/
(8)Science,brain & music (in Italian): http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/scienza_cervello_musica.pdf
(9)Science od Infornation Energy : http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/science_of_information_energy.htm
(10) Entanglement Dynamics : http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/entanglement_dynamics.htm
(11)Self-Organization : http://www.wbabin.net/science/manzelli31.pdf
(12) DNA-ANTENNA (It) : http://edscuola.it/archivio/lre/dna_come_antenna_biologica.htm
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(14)BIOPHOTONICS : http://www.lifescientists.de/history.htm
(15)http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ideas/home_it.html See also: http://www.oursounduniverse.com/articles/IEEE.html


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Dna - downgrading

La degradazione del DNA -JUNK ( spazzatura) e indubbiamente conseguanza dell' atteggiamento mentale della Biologia finalizzata prevalentemente a capire qiali siano le sequenze utili per l' unica funzione , considerata importante, che corriponde alla produzione di proteine.
La cellula come viene descritta dalla BIOLOGIA Assomiglia piu ad una fabbrica in cui si stampano giornali e libri , che non ad un sistema vivente che produce e distrugge metabilicamente propeine in un sistema dinamico coerente e sinergico.
. Infatti, nella logica "produttivistica" delle Biologia si parla spesso di comunicazione "SEGNALI MOLECOLARI" , che pero' , non sono stati ai definiti in termini fisici quali segnali elettromagnetici (fotoni) o vibrazionali (fononi) .
La nuova frontiera della Ricerca Biochimica nell' era post genomica , necessita quindi di evitare l' assurdita concettuale di chi insiste nel vedere il DNA solo come insieme di codici per la produzione proteica .
Infatti di tutto l DNA per eseguire una tale funzione minimale, ne sarebbe sufficiente solo un 2% di tutta la lunga concatenazione di basi del DNA , che se volto linearmene e' di circa 2 Metri di Lughezza.
A cosa debba servire tutto il cosidetto "JUNK-DNA" , che ogni cellula eucariota contiene nel nucleo non e' proprio dato dato di saperlo fino ad oggi.
Certamente bisognerebbe invece ammettere che la ridondanza del contenuto di DNA e' utile ed una funzione di regolazione a distanza del metabolimo cellulare.
Putroppo le varie funzioni di regolazione temporale vengono affidate di volta in volta ad agenti specifici che sembrano del tutto scoordinati dal DNA ; cosi' la piegatura delle Proteine cosi importante per le varie funzonalita proteiche, viene affidata ad altre proteine accompagnatrici (Chapeiron) , nonche' a tutta una serie di altre tipologie di regolazione delle espressione genetica che si presumono attribubili a tipologie di RNA , solo per il fatto che RNA uscendo dal nucleo , puo avvicinare per contatto casuale, muovendosi nella cellula, al fine di attivare o disattivare funzioni proteiche differenti necessarie alla crescita e alla distruzione metabolica le quali permettono alla cellula di vivere.
Certamente tali spiegazioni ad hoc sono carenti di sinergie temporali generate dalla comunicazione di segnali , e quindi non si capisce chi posa emettere tali segali e principalmene chi ne organiza un coordinamento sinergico nel tempo.
Ritengo pertanto che finche il DNA resta declassato a JUNK-DNA tali domane resteranno vuote di significato.
Il problema risolutivo a mio avviso risiede nell' abbandonare la logica antiquata per la quale normalmene si assume che le reazioni chimiche e biochimiche avvengano per contatto o per urto.
Sappiamo che cio non e vero , altresi non spiegeremmo l' esistenza di reazioni FOTOCHMICHE , o di quelle provocate dal onde sonore ( SONO-CHIMICA) .
Comunque il retaggio cognitivo di una logica meccanica della Scienza che considera la esigenza di CONTATTO pe attivare le reazioni , la ritroviamo speso in BIOLOGIA , cosi che le interazioni vengono spesso trattate i termini di KEY-LOCK interactios come se l' esatto profilo spaziale della chiave fosse necessario ad aprire la serratura.
Nelle logiche derivate dalla meccanca infatti e proprio il TEMPO e la sua IRRVERBILITA, che fanno fatica ad essere interpreati in un quadro meccanicista della scienza.
Pertanto proprio al fine di superare quel paradigma meccanico in BIOLOGIA , e quindi ridare una funionalita' centrale al DNA , in modo dale a evitare di declassarlo brualmente in JUNK-DNA, al convegno EGOCREANET dell' OPEN network for new Science , proporemo la ipotesi di ricerca denominata DNA-ANTENNA BIOFONONICA. ( vedi in http://www.egocreanet.it )
Riteniamo infatti che il DNA posa essere concepito come una Antenna capace di coordinare la regolazione della espressione genetica a distanza, ed anche di coadiuvare una azione complessa di sinergie temporali dell' intero metabolsmo cellulare ; coordinamento coerente e sinergico che include l apoptosi ( cioe la morte progammata delle cellule) , dato che la vita e' un sistema dinamico di costruzione e distruzione delle proteine che si sviluppa sulla base della alimentazione e della respirazione.
Il progamma dell EVENTO che si svolgera a FIRENZE il 13 NOV 2006 , e reperibile in : http://www.mapbraincommunication.com/005432.asp
Un cordiale saluto Paolo Manzelli Firenze
01 NOV 2006

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