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  Curriculum Vitae
Dati Anagrafici
Nome: Chiara
Cognome: Mossali
Residenza: Residente in provincia di BG
Data di Nascita: Nato nel 1981
Esperienze 2013 ad oggi: Coordinating Network Site Manager, gestione di studi clinici in varie aree terapeutiche
2010-2013: Clinical Project Manager, gestione studi clinici in Oncologia, medical writing, medical review
2007-2010: Senior Researcher in genetica ed immunologia delle malattie rare
2006: Researcher (genetica animale e colture cellulari)
2005: assistente di laboratorio (fisiologia animale e genetica)
Studi 2013-2014: master in Marketing e Comunicazione
2013: corso di specializzazione in Marketing Farmaceutico
2012-2013: corso in Comunicazione della Ricerca Scientifica (I e II livello)
2005: Laurea Magistrale in Biotecnologie Veterinarie (110 con lode)
Conoscenze -SWOT analysis, Competitor analysis, Patient Tower
-Electronic Data Capture and electronic patient enrollment systems
-Statistical analysis of clinical data
-MedCalc software, Kaplan Meier survival curves and hazard risk Cox regression analysis
-WesternBlot for protein, SouthernBlot with 32P radioactive probe
-Realizing a knock-in mouse (pBlueScript technique, screening of recombinant clones), mouse breeding
-Immunofluorescence assay to detect C3 and C9 deposits in mouse kidney sections
-Direct Sequencing of genomic DNA (AB 3130xl and 3730)
-Real Time-PCR assay: specific primers, MGB-probes TaqMan method
-SSCP gel analysis and DHPLC techniques
-Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Assays: based on the fluorescence intensity detection (Resazurin test)
-Mammary tumor cell culture (MDA-MB-468 and MDA-MB-231)
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