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 Offerta di borsa di PhD in Systems Biology
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Inserito il - 13 dicembre 2010 : 16:49:24  Mostra Profilo  Visita l'Homepage di AlessandroR Invia a AlessandroR un Messaggio Privato  Rispondi Quotando
Ciao a tutti,

per chi fosse interessato posto qui sotto un'offerta di borse di dottorato all'estero in Systems Biology.

Le sedi possibili sono:

-University College Dublin, a Dublin
-National University of Ireland, a Galway

ovviamente entrambe le posizioni prevedono il trasfermento in Irlanda.
Lo stipendio annuale e' di 18K EUR netti.


Per ulteriori informazioni e per qualunque domanda in merito all'offerta contattate (in lingua inglese, ovviamente) Philip Smyth:

Ecco la descrizione dell'offerta:

Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) is a new Science Foundation Ireland funded Centre for Science and Engineering Technology (CSET). Our focus is on the analysis of biochemical and gene regulatory networks in mammalian cells that determine fundamental biological behaviour such as cell fate decisions in stem cells, migration and drug vulnerabilities in cancer cells. SBI is combining world class core expertise in dynamic modelling, cell biology, imaging, biochemistry and proteomics embedded in a stimulating environment. We collaborate with international researchers from biology, medicine, chemistry, micro-engineering, mathematics, statistics and computing science. SBI is led by Walter Kolch and Boris Kholodenko, a team representing the amalgamation of experimental and theoretical analysis at SBI. We view systems biology as a new way of doing science that enables us to address eminent questions in biology and biomedicine.

SBI has established a new structured PhD program with elements based in both UCD and NUIG. Its objective is to train world class systems biology PhD graduates from diverse Undergraduate disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, biology, computer science, engineering chemistry and physics. We provide taught courses to support cross-disciplinary training. A strong focus on interdisciplinary supervision is vital to the program, with each student typically working on a research project that is either predominantly experimental (“wet”) or computational (“dry”). Whilst the majority of essential PhD skills learned are dry, students will spend a minimum of three months in the laboratory. This has an important formative component, familiarising dry students with the different research culture in wet labs. Similarly students with predominantly “wet projects” will spend time working on the computational side of their work package. As part of their PhD SBI students will also be given the oppportunity to work either in industry lab or with one of our academic partners for a number of months.

Eligibility for Funding
Applicants should have an undergraduate (minimum upper second class or equivalent) or masters degree in biology, biochemistry, and medicine or physical sciences, computing, mathematics and engineering. Student’s stipend will be €18,000 per annum.

Ricordo che come undergraduate degree va bene una laurea triennale, la specialistica e' considerata un master.
Probabilmente vi verra' richiesto dall'universita' il TOEFL ma non dovrebbe essere un problema in qualunque caso.
Per qualunque informazione o domanda contattate direttamente Philip Smyth.
In bocca al lupo!

Alessandro R.


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