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Rules for the competition

Start for the seventh edition, the MolecularLab photo contest with which researchers and laboratories can transmit the curiosity and enthusiasm for research

The purpose of the calendar is to promote science to raise awareness of the beauty of science and to share their passion for the activity of research.
Some examples of contributions can be:
- Pictures of life in the laboratory and experiments (cell culture, microscopy experiments, electrophoresis, etc.);
- Creations and digital works also produced with molecular views programs or 3D graphics (Virtual Modeling, Docking, etc.)

Anyone can participate in the calendar but he can be part of the community site. Each user to participate will have:
- Load up to a maximum of 3 works having at least 800px resolution (width)
- For each contribution you must specify a title, a description indicating the subject of the picture, reason of interest, the technique that has been applied, and any diseases or biological mechanisms related.

Features of preference for work
Dimensions: above 1400px wide (even better above 2000px)
Ratio (width x height): 4x3 (best 10x6)
Format: Jpeg / jpg / bmp / ​​tif

Timing and deadlines
Deadline for submission of material for participation in the contest is November 18, 2012 at 23:59:59.
From November 19 to December 2 at 23:59:59 there will be a public poll in wich you can vote up to three works.
In the following week will be made public the offical Researcher's calendar.

Evaluation Criteria
The realization of the ranking and the subsequent selection of works to be included in the calendar will be carried out according to:
- The public vote,
- The wish to encourage the greatest number of participants with their work,
- Variety of subjects and techniques used
- The respect of the characteristics of preference indicated
- Other criteria used by the editors of MolecularLab.it in order to promote the quality of the calendar.

The editors of the site (the jury) reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to not accept those images whose realization is assumed to cause damage MolecularLab and to award the prizes according to its technical opinion and culture.
The opinion of the judges will be final.

There are three awards:
- Best picture: through a site jury will be identified the most interesting work.
- MolecularLab Award: the selection of the photos that will be apart of calendar will be done with a pool, the works with the most votes will receive the MolecularLab Award.
- Social Award: the sum of the votes with Facebook Like and +1 Google+ will show the award-winning work.

The author of each submitted photograph declare and warrants to MolecularLab:
- To be the author of the photos sent and to be the sole and legitimate owner of all copyrights and exploitation, including economic, of each photo, and then to have all rights;
- That he has acquired from third parties entitled all image rights and / or rights of third parties, in general, of the subjects of works;
- To be responsible for the content of their work, releasing and holding harmless from any claim MolecularLab and / or third-party action and shall indemnify MolecularLab from any prejudicial consequences, including legal fees, even of a court, which may suffer MolecularLab in consequence of the breach of the above.

By entering the Contest, the author of each photograph granted, free of charge, to Riccardo Fallini, owner of MolecularLab, the right to publish the images sent on MolecularLab and all websites owned by Riccardo Fallini, printouts relating to the award , on media or promotional exhibitions of the Competition, as well as at national and international exhibitions or events promoted by MolecularLab or with the sponsorship and / or participation, with the sole burden to mention every time the author of the photographs.
The sale is set here for free in consideration of the effect that will fall on promotional photographs submitted and the author of the same.

Participation in the competition implies, on the part of the participant, the unconditional acceptance of this Regulation. Each participant is responsibile to ensure that the publication of the photographs no raises legal dispute and is not detrimental to the rights of others.

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