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17 settembre 2008 - 19:13

The Importance of a Friendly & Positive Environment in the Workplace


Cultivating positivity within the workplace pays huge intangible dividends that boost the company’s bottom line. Employees who love their jobs, enjoy their coworkers and appearance forward to the workday are more likely to try to do whatever they will to assist the corporate thrive. A positive workplace culture affirms the worth, dignity and pride of every employee, which benefits the individual.

Creating a friendly and positive environment at home is crucial for the well-being of the family and kids. It fosters open communication, trust, and a sense of belonging. Surprising them with gifts like modest clothing for girls can contribute to their happiness and self-esteem. By respecting their preferences and values, these surprises can show that their individuality is cherished, encouraging a positive self-image and reinforcing the loving bond within the family.

Power of Positivity

Mutually shared core values include respect, kindness, patience and acceptance of 1 another. When positivity is the norm, employees offer to assist before being asked. They gather as a team to get ideas, set ambitious goals and strive for excellence. Change, innovation, inspiration and diverse angles are supported and embraced. Risk taking is inspired albeit the result falls in need of expectations. Equally, negative environments drain energy, maintain fear and spoil determination. Turnover is high and company constancy is low.

Positive Workplace Characteristics

A positive workplace goes beyond providing regular breaks, an opportunity room with vending machines, and an annual employee appreciation breakfast. news Daily suggests that employees are more likely to possess a positive attitude about work if the corporate culture is flexible and respects work-life balance. Employees also need suitable support, training, resources and space to execute their job. The mood is additionally influenced by overall workplace conditions like safety features, adequate lighting and cosy temperatures throughout the building.

Many of the factors that affect job performance are essential. After basic needs are met for a daily paycheck and a gentle job, employees want to feel that they’re doing meaningful work that matters to the corporate. Management style also affects how employees feel about coming to figure. Being micro-managed, scolded and belittled creates resistance, resentment and passive-aggressive behavior. against this, a supportive manager who invites employee input offers constructive feedback and consistently acknowledges employee contributions evokes trust and positivity. Learn more about transformational leadership theory defined.

Higher Productivity

According to Harvard Business Review, cutthroat, competitive corporate cultures stymie productivity, whereas, supportive work environments create conditions for business growth. Workers who pride themselves in what they are doing and where they work want to ascertain the corporate flourish. They ask what more they will do to assist the corporate move forward. Highly motivated employees are goal oriented and laser focused on measurable results. They welcome high standards and push themselves to succeed in key performance indicators on the schedule.

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13 febbraio 2008 - 11:45

Una biblioteca di PDF scientifici (per Mac ma non solo)

Fabrizio Capuani mi segnala Papers, interessante software, per mantenere e gestire le proprie collezioni di articoli.

Essendo solo disponibile per Mekentosjani, non l’ho potuto testare, quindi spero in qualche altra opinione. Personalmente, come fervente utilizzatore di Windows, ho sempre fatto ricorso ad Endnote. Endnote si differenzia da Papers per la capacità di integrarsi con Word e facilita non poco la scrittura delle citazioni bibliografiche. Però non è pensato per gestire una collezione di pdf, ma solo per collezionare i metadati necessari per creare un database bibliografico.
Naturalmente è possibile inserire il pdf stesso dell’articolo in un folder e linkarlo adeguatamente in Endnote, ma non è un’operazione così immediata, e questo non permette comunque di fare ricerche nei contenuti dei file.

Paper, anch’esso si connette al web e scarica le reference (autore, titolo, giornale, anno di pubblicazione), ma li associa allo stesso pdf. Citando la descrizione originale del software:

Papers contains everything you need to get your favorite articles in your personal library. Importing PDFs that you already downloaded before is easy, you match them using your favorite online article repository like PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, etc. and all the metadata is automatically added. You might as well skip this altogether and start from scratch, the completely integrated search engines is the number one thing you are really going to like. Three clicks is all you need to find a paper and add it to your library.

Fabrizio sintetizza la cosa in “Praticamente e’ iTunes per articoli scientifici. Unico neo e’ che non e’ gratis… si puo’ pero’ provare per 30 giorni“. Paper puo’ esportare una collezione (tipo playlist) in formato Endnote, ma anche in formato bibtex!

L’alternativa è quella di sfruttare l’opzione “Adobe Catalog“. Con esso è possibile indicizzare TUTTO il documento pdf e creare quindi un database cercabile per qualsiasi parola anche nel testo o nei materiali e metodi. E’ possibile inoltre fare
diversi database di articoli per argomenti o gruppi.

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